What to do if Injured by an uninsured motorbike rider?

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Motorbike Accident Attorney Key West

A motorbike accident can cause serious injury to the biker, and to the driver as well as passengers of other cars involved. Unfortunately, several bikers ride without insurance coverage. That can cause issues after a hit. Find out what to do if hit by an uninsured biker rider:

What if I was at fault in the hit and lacked insurance?

So, if you were at fault for the hit, you’ll likely need to pay for your individual damages out of a wallet. Even if you escape with small injuries and small biker damage, you’ll likely need to pay out of wallet for any property damage/injuries the other driver sustained. If you find yourself in this case, speak with a motorbike accident lawyer right away. Don’t admit fault, even if you think you caused the hit, and never speak with other person’s insurer without a lawyer.
The other persona’s insurer will do all it can pin liability on you. This may involve using underhanded tactics to the way you into admitting fault and claiming that you’re exaggerating your wounds.

Do I’ve Any Other Options for Paying for My individual Damages if I Was At-Fault?

Bike accidents are often catastrophic and can be prohibitively costly to pay for out of a wallet. Depending on our conditions, you might be capable to pay using health insurer; though, you have to check your policy to make sure it doesn’t exclude accident wounds from coverage.
If you can’t use your health insurance to cover wounds costs, our suggestions and I can work with your medical treatment providers on payment plans to pay off your bills. There’s no more option that might apply: if you live with a family member who got Med Pay coverage, you might be capable to use her coverage to pay for part of your injuries.

What If I was uninsured and Not At-Fault?

If you were not at fault for your motor bike accident, being uninsured doesn’t make you not able to recover compensation but yu should speak to a lawyer like LSC Law of South Florida  That is because the liable side and its insurance firm are financially responsible for your damage and regardless of your insurance coverage condition. Companies like Lyons Snyder are motorbike accident attorneys in Key West can pursue the responsible side and the insurance firm for damages, including:

• Motorbike repair or replacement
• Current and future medical bills
• Reduced earning capacity
• Lost wages
• Punitive damages
• Pain and suffering
If the Other driver is uninsured?
If you both you and another driver uninsured, you’ll need to pursue compensation from the driver straightly. This means you’ll need to file a lawsuit against the driver. And it depends on the diver’s financial situation.

Will I Face Penalties for Motor Bike Riding Without Insurance?

If you get any sort of motor bike accident – even one that’s not your fault – you’d face legal consequences for driving without insurance. This is because the state needs all drivers who operate autos on public roads, including bikes to carry a minimum level of insurance coverage.

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